What Is A Demand Package and How Is It Used to Settle a Personal Injury Accident Case in Palm Desert, San Diego, Orange County or anywhere in Southern California?

After a person has had a car, motorcycle or truck accident in California or been injured on a bicycle or as a pedestrian after being hit by an auto or other motor vehicle, the attorney for the victim of such an accident puts together a demand package to send to the insurance company.

What is a demand package? A demand package includes a demand letter and attachments of all of the documentation to prove an accident victim’s case. The demand letter is where the attorney discusses the facts of the accident, the conclusions of the police officer in any police report, evaluates liability and any comparative negligence and discusses the property damage to the vehicles and the photographs of the vehicle damage and the car repairs.

The demand letter then goes on to describe the medical treatment, the injuries, the notes by the treating physicians and the prognosis of the treating doctors in their final reports and goes on to describe the future medical treatment outlined in the doctors’ reports that the attorney obtains.

The demand letter also itemizes all of the medical bills and then also discusses any wage loss as verified by the employer or by tax records of a self-employed person and concludes with an analysis of the value of the case and the demand amount by the attorney.

If you are an individual without an attorney, it is unlikely you will have obtained all of the records you need for a demand package or be able to put them together with the same type of legal analysis that an experienced personal injury lawyer will employ. The package should contain copies of all of your medical records and bills from every medical provider involved in the treatment. If you don’t obtain bills and records from providers such as the emergency room physicians or radiologists, the insurance company won’t consider those bills in their evaluation of your case and you may find out later that the offer you accepted doesn’t even pay for all of the medical bills you begin receiving months later.

A further word of caution before you should even consider putting together such a demand package without an attorney. Once you make a demand to an insurance company without the services of an attorney to represent you, the case is evaluated by an insurance company at a much lower value. Is this fair? Of course, not, but that’s what insurance companies do. And such an analysis is almost always far far below the value given to a case with an attorney involved.

Once an insurance company makes such a low-ball offer to an unrepresented victim of an auto, car, motorcycle, truck, bicycle or pedestrian accident, it is virtually impossible for an attorney to then take on the case and get the analysis by the insurance company bumped up into the higher evaluation given to such cases when an attorney is involved from the start.

If you’ve been injured in an auto, motorcycle or truck accident or any other type of personal injury accident or if you’ve lost a loved on in a pedestrian or bicycle or car accident, retain an attorney at your earliest possible date.

If you need help determining with a personal injury accident in Southern California, call Attorney Sebastian Gibson, a Southern California experienced personal injury lawyer with over thirty years of experience both in the U.S. at (760) 776-1810 or visit our web site at www.SebastianGibsonLaw.com You can also e-mail us at SgibsonEsq@aol.com

The CA Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson are experienced in all types of auto, motorcycle, truck, motorcycle, car, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents as well as boating and aviation accidents, dog bites and other types of personal injury cases. With the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson on your side, we will seek the maximum amount for your personal injury case, including payment for all the pain and suffering you have undergone.

With offices in the Palm Springs and Palm Desert area, Newport Beach and the Carlsbad area of San Diego, we can assist you with your accident no matter where it occurred in Southern California, from Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach, to Indio and Coachella, to San Diego and Temecula.

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident and have had pain and suffering from your injuries, don’t play into the hands of an experienced insurance adjuster who is hoping you won’t retain an attorney so they can pay you less than you’re entitled to for your injuries. Call the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson today at (760) 776-1810 and let us use our thirty years of trust and experience in negotiating with and standing up to insurance companies to handle your case with strength and integrity.

It matters more than you think who you call for your accident or other legal matter. When it matters most, call the Law Firm of Sebastian Gibson.

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